Media DTS

Have a heart for the lost and a passion for media and the arts? Come to our five month live-in training program to learn more about God and how you can use your skills and passions to move forward in your walk with Him.

Why Jaipur?

Our team has been called to Rajasthan and the city of Jaipur. We believe God has a great destiniy for these people!


Waiting For The Harvest

Produced in 2022 | Running Time: 35 min
People Group: Ahirani
Language: Ahirani

A farmer and his family are struggling to make ends meet and must make difficult decisions to try and keep the farm afloat and avoid the shame of the community. When things look very bleak, they find a glimmer of hope and peace. Available with English subtitles.

Honour Restored

Produced in 2020 | Running Time: 10 min
People Group: Dogri
Language: Dogri

Seema, a Dogri woman living in a small town in Jammu has been bothered and troubled for many days by nightmares and an evil presence around her. Going to her friend Puja, she learns of one who is both more powerful than the evil she fears, and who covers the shame put on her by her community.

The Storms Of Life

Produced in 2019 | Running Time: 26 min
People Group: Tulu
Language: Tulu

A fisherman is washed up on shore following a storm at sea and is taken care of by a couple. While he is praying, he hears a voice from heaven. He learns that it was the voice of Yeshu and his life will never be the same.

The Way Home

Produced in 2017 | Running Time: 32 min
People Group: Western Bhil
Language: Western Bhil

When a crisis hits his family, Raju is forced into debt with a dangerous man. Despite his wife Premila’s warnings, Raju can’t help but get sucked deeper into his debts, until he is forced to make a choice of how far he is willing to go to help his family.

Heart Of The Family

Produced in 2017 | Running Time: 30 min
People Group: Sindhi
Language: Sindhi

What is the cost of putting one’s business over everything else? How far will you go to maintain you family’s honour in the community? A Sindhi family grapples with questions like these when Aadit, son of successful business owner Nisheet decides to put his dreams of becoming an artist over taking over the family business.